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  Polyurethane Foams  

Polyurethane, commonly abbreviated PU / PU Foam / PUF, is any polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by urethane (carbamate) links.
Polyurethane formulations cover an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities.

These materials include:

  • Low-density flexible foam used in upholstery and bedding
  • Low-density rigid foam used for thermal insulation and RTM cores
  • Soft solid elastomers used for gel pads and print rollers
  • Hard solid plastics used as electronic instrument bezels and structural parts

Polyurethane foam is one of the major components of pre-insulated pipe supports. Polyurethane is different from most plastic materials in that it can be tailored to meet various load requirements of varying applications. Noble Corporation is a proud stockist and reseller of a number of different companies that manufacture PU Foam Slabs as well as Pipe Sections in a variety of densities and thicknesses.

Product Category: Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

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