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Glasswool is a form of fiberglass where-in very thin strands of fiberglass are arranged into a spongy texture similar to Steel wool. Thanks to its intertwined flexible fibers; glasswool offers excellent fire-resistance properties as a thermal insulation material and is also widely used as an absorbent material in acoustic treatments. Its light weight, flexibility and elasticity make it easy to install.

The cohesion and mechanical strength of the product is obtained by the presence of a binder that “cements” the fibers together. Ideally, a drop of binder is placed at each fiber intersection. This fiber mat is then heated to around 200 °C to polymerize the resin and is calendared to give it strength and stability. The final stage involves cutting the wool and packing it in rolls or panels under very high pressure before palletizing the finished product in order to facilitate transport and storage.

Manufactures: U. P. Twiga Fiberglass (India) Ltd

Product Category: Thermal and Acoustic Insulation



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