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  Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)  

XPS (extruded polystyrene) comprises of polyethylene manufactured through a high density special plastic extraction process. The Extrusion process results in a smooth surface and a completely closed cell structure.

This kind of material has excellent heat insulation properties, high moisture resistance, lightweight, excellent compressive strengths, and non-corrosive properties; which are ideal for use in the construction industry.

XPS insulation board has 99% closed cell rate, which results in its high heat resistance, low expansion rate and low thermo conductivity. The heat insulation effect of 25mm thick XPS board is superior than 120mm thick concrete perlite.

XPS is widely used in apartments, high-rise buildings, workshop, cold storage warehoused for heat insulation.

When comparing XPS with ESP, ESP is bigger in cells and a loser structure.

XPS is produced using an environmentally friendly process which generates no harmful gases or waste products. Old XPS material can be reused, as it will not decompose and is resistant mildew.

Product Category: Thermal and Acoustic Insulation



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